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Monday, December 03, 2007

Boy or Girl?

*Sorry for all the pregnancy/baby posts lately. I promise to come up with something unbaby related soon.

I have an appointment on Thursday for an ultrasound. Will it be a boy or a girl?

Our son is adamant that it's a boy. The other day I said to him, "But we'll still love her if she's a girl, right?" He gave me a look and said, "It's a boy." He'd also like us to incorporate "Thomas the Tank Engine" into the name somehow. And all of his favorites of the names we've discussed or haven't discussed are somehow related to other Thomas engines (ie: Percy, James, Trevor, Edward, Diesel 10, etc.). For now, he calls it "Baby X."

Our daughter of course wants a girl. At one point she decided on twins. That way, Mommy and she could dress the girl up cute and Daddy and Buddy could dress the boy. She refers to the baby as "Mystery Baby." I'm not sure how dramatic she'll be if it is a boy. I had a niece try to throw herself from a car when she found out she was getting another brother. I think (cross my fingers, hope) Princess Sparkley will handle it better.

As for my husband and myself. He was always concerned that he'd have all girls. Which we don't. But I still think he'd like it if the boys outnumbered the girls... significantly. Plus he really really loves the boy name we are leaning towards right now and can't believe I'm on board with it. I really really love the girl name. And I am still not totally convinced of the boy name.

Mostly I just want to know so I can get the right box of baby clothes out of our storage unit and get them all washed and clean and ready. So I can make a baby blanket and some burp rags that don't involve the colors green or yellow at all. I want either pink or blue... not some unknown.


Jamie said...

I can't believe the kid that tried to throw themselves from a car! Ha. Did you find out with the other 2 kids what you were having? Or were they surprises. I'm dying to know what it is and what names you chose, but I also understand not telling people. We learned that lesson both times. People say crazy things when you tell them what names you like. It's weird. Oh, and I would have been dying when the hospital was apologizing for something on my "anonymous" note. That was really tacky. And I also think the lingo they use sometimes is totally tacky, like "vag". Yeah, we know you guys are super cool because you have a lot experience with the "vag", but not everything needs to be abbreviated or shortened. It reminds me of those super cool tech-action movies where the super cool hero is throwing around tough guy lingo and terms. Anyways. .

Cristin Lassen said...

I don't mind the baby related posts. Especially since they are dang funny. I can't wait to find out what it is.

Nance said...

We've always found out if it was a boy or a girl. We figured the birth was exciting in itself and didn't need the gender revealed at the same time. Plus, especially before we had once of each, we wanted to be prepared. We needed to know to buy girl clothes or boy clothes.

It's so close to my due date that part of me (a very very small part) thinks we should just be surprised. But then thinking that panics me because I want to have all the clothes out and washed now. And prep my kids now so they don't revolt against their new sibling when he/she returns home and is not the gender they wanted.

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