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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Books I got for Christmas

The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore

Big Boned by Meg Cabot
(third in trilogy... Size 12 is not fat and Size 14 is not fat either)

This is the Season: Beloved of the Year by Simon Dewey

Finding Daddy by Louise Plummer

Bob and 6 more Christmas stories by Sandra Boynton

Borders Gift Card

Usually I get a lot more books, but I couldn't think of any this year. There were some I wanted, but sequels, and only in hardcover, and I own the paperback, so I just can't handle that... mixing paperbacks and hardcovers in the same set. But I've got that gift card just waiting...


A Random Stranger said...

You got TWO copies of "Big Boned" because you gave me a Christmas list that didn't reflect the fact that you'd already squirrelled away a copy in the closet. The same thing almost happened with "Finding Daddy," only the Borders in Chesterfield was sold out. Probably because you've been buying copies and hiding them around our house.

Nance said...

I didn't buy either copy of "Big Boned," you bought them both. AND, I told you about buying "Finding Daddy" on amazon when it was released because I needed to spend more on your bday presents to get free shipping. AND, they had checkmarks next to them on your list. So there.

Jamie said...

I love getting books. That's pretty much all I put on my Christmas lists to the in-laws and I got a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card and a tactical flashlight (the kind that wards of bears and such). Why do they even ask for a list?!

Anyway, are the Meg Cabot books good? I like the names of the titles. I love Sandra Boynton. I try to collect all her books. I haven't even seen that Bob one? Is it new? I did get the Beatrix Potter collection. I always wanted that.

Your kids look cute in their Christmasy pajamas with their stockings. Is it at your place or the in-laws?

Nance said...

I really liked Meg Cabot from all the Princess Diaries books, and then she wrote adult fiction books. I like them... they are definitely more PG-13 with a lot more references to sex, etc. But then her young adult books are getting to be that way as well. So I'm sort of mad at her for that. I don't want her YA books to be all about sex. And it bugs me that a lot of times I think her adult fiction books get grouped in the YA section of the library when I think they are not something I'd want my teenage daughter reading. They are sort of my weakness, super speedy reading, romantic comedies of a sort.

Love Sandra Boynton. I believe Bob is new this Christmas. Do you have any of her books with cds? We get them from the library for car trips and love them.

The picture of the kids with their stockings is our place.

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