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Friday, December 28, 2007

Beware of Cockatiels

I am birdsitting some cockatiels for a friend. It hasn't been all bad, it's actually sort of nice to come home to a pet, but I do have these complaints:

As soon as a vacuum around the cage, they drop three times the amount of seeds and feathers that I just vacuumed up. It's like they are doing it on purpose.

My kids insist on feeding them, changing their water, and giving them a treat constantly. Usually while I'm making food in the kitchen so we all have to take care of the birds, then wash our hands. Argh.

They make a lot of noise. Not all the time. But they are pretty noisy birds.

My daughter realized some things she didn't get for Christmas that she'd still like and started making her birthday list (her birthday is in August) and on her list is "pet birds." Yea (read very sarcastically).

I worry that it's too cold for them in our downstairs (all the heat in our place rises so that upstairs is warm and toasty at night, but the birds are downstairs) and I'll come down some morning to find them dead.

I just realized that our house smells like birds. I've never wanted indoor cats or dogs, mainly due to the smell. Now I live in a giant bird cage. I hope no one comes to visit.

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