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Saturday, December 01, 2007



This morning I took my kids on the "Tyke Hike" at our hospital. It's to prepare them for when the baby comes. They get to see the hospital, the rooms, the nursery with a new baby, then they have a book read to them, watch a video and practice holding and diapering baby dolls. Our tour guide sang a lot, which was slightly annoying, but my kids loved it all. And, as a bonus, she never once said the word "vag." Although she did say "boobie" a couple of times.

When I was pregnant with Princess Sparkley my husband and I did the whole hospital tour, pre-registration thing. The woman leading the tour kept referring to "vag" deliveries, etc. I was slightly annoyed. I mean, another half a second was all it took to say "inal." It was like she was using her hospital jargon/slang to show us how this is everyday stuff to them. Annoying. My husband was very annoyed. For more reasons than the excessive use of "vag," but that's all I remember now. At the end of our tour, we were given an "anonymous" survey to fill out. My husband filled it out. Paragraphs about the use of "vag," etc.

Fast forward a month or so to right after I've delivered Princess Sparkley and have just been moved into my hospital room. The head nurse comes in and apologizes to us for our horrible hospital tour experience and how the word "vag" was used too frequently. So, if you know me, I hate confrontation. I would rather just slink into a corner and disappear. After 20 some hours of off and on labor, this was exactly what I wanted. Besides the fact that it was an ANONYMOUS survey! So even if it wasn't anonymous, the hospital is supposed to at least play along and make it seem like it was anonymous. Either ignore us and in the future, conduct better tours with more official language. Or send an apology to everyone on that tour, not single us out.

That being said, I'm excited to deliver in a new hospital. I'm not sure if that head nurse recognized us the second time around with our son (we obviously did not do the tour that time), but I recognized her and it made my second hospital stay almost as uncomfortable as my first. And I definitely learned from that anonymous survey that anonymous probably doesn't mean anonymous at all.


A Random Stranger said...

My brother-in-law majored in sociology and he said in his classes they would say anonymous surveys are worthless so all "anonymous" surveys really contain hidden ways of telling who filled out which survey. You either put codes in the bottom corner or rearrange the quesitons or collect them in a certain order.

Cristin Lassen said...

That cracks me up! I've never heard anyone refer to it as "vag" deliveries. That would drive me crazy. I hate it when people abbreviate things unnecessarily. If I were on that tour I would keep saying "inal.... inal."

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