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Monday, November 26, 2007


It's officially Winter. Well, not officially. Officially, Winter does not begin until December 22, or so my calendar says. In my book, Winter begins when it gets so cold you can't breathe when you walk outside, and it snows. As we were leaving town for Thanksgiving it was snowing. Not REALLY snowing. But teeny tiny snowflakes were falling. I'm sure nothing stuck, and if you didn't happen to be outside, you wouldn't have even known. But I saw it. I know.

And while we were in St. Louis at my in-laws for Thanksgiving we checked the weather back home... 12 degrees. Boy am I glad we weren't here. It was like 36 in St. Louis... WAY warmer.

Having grown up in Southern California, Winter is not really my favorite season. I went to BYU, I lived in cold Utah weather for 4 1/2 years. My first year there the snow seemed so high, and I had to walk across campus for a 7 AM final in 8 degree weather (I called time and temperature before I went outside each day). And everyone kept telling me it was such a mild Winter, it was usually much colder and much snowier. I never saw it. My final year at BYU I was student teaching at Copper Hills High School in West Jordan and had to drive from Provo to West Jordan every morning, early... the snow and coldness that year came close. But none of that compares to Kansas. Although I don't think we get that much snow. It's consistently 20 degrees here in the Winter. Brr! And much colder. My mom has already asked if I wouldn't rather have the baby in California so they don't have to fly out after it arrives and freeze.

I'm glad I have my Cocomotion. A heater that works. And I'm about to go see about some sort of insulation for my windows. Winter here we come.

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Cristin Lassen said...

That's funny. I'm the total opposite. Since I didn't grow up in cold weather (well minus a few years in Oregon) I love the snow. The cold... not so much, but when it snows it makes it all worth it.

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