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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Time Change

Last week was our Primary Program for the children at church. I'm the secretary in Primary. It was also the day that my calendar said time would fall back. I didn't notice this until I was half ready for church, my kids were still asleep, as was my husband. I went into a panic trying to figure out if I was losing an hour or gaining an hour. Were we late for church? I had all the programs to hand out. Finally I got online and discovered that the time didn't change for another week. Phew.

This was much better than last year when our entire family was clueless about the time change. Thinking we were late for church we showed up, and with two kids and a giant bag in tow, I walked right into the middle of the other ward's sacrament meeting. Twice. First I walked in, thought it was strange that everyone was sitting and seemed to be in the middle of a meeting, not the first ten minutes and confused because I didn't recognize anyone. Then I walked out. Then I walked in again, just to be sure. Then we realized we were an hour early for church. They were at the very end of their meeting, ours didn't start for an hour. At least we only live one minute from our church, so we went home, relaxed for a bit, and went back... right on time.

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A Random Stranger said...

And then we seemed like we live under a rock when Bro. Garner said, "It was on the front page of the paper," and we had to say, "We don't get the paper."
One time I woke up at about seven-forty-five and rushed to get ready for school, but when I went downstairs my mom told me it was a Saturday. That was pretty lame, too.

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