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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pregnancy Update: 32 weeks

I knew how many weeks and days pregnant I was with Princess Sparkley. I'm pretty sure I was 32 weeks this Monday, but without looking at my calendar where I've written each week down, it's mainly just a pretty good guess.

B says I look drunk. It's because he was cracking me up trying to take this picture. First my sweater wasn't tight enough to show the actual size of my belly (I'm past being able to call it a bump, aren't I?) So I was pulling it back with one hand. Then he was complaining that he could see the hand. This was already after having me move forward, backwards, sideways, etc. so that his bike, the tv, and a picture frame wouldn't be in the picture. Which I guess he succeeded at. So, don't mind the cracking up weird face.


AshbyFamily said...

You look great!!

Jamie said...

Cute pregnant lady. You're like one of those perfect-looking pregnant celebreties.

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