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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My dream car

I need to preface this with the fact that I'm really not a car person. Not at all.

I saw one of these in the parking lot at the grocery store the other day and I totally want one. An old school Jeep Grand Wagoneer. But I want a new and improved one with LATCH and airbags, a cd player, etc. But not Jeeps's current one. I want it to be just like this, but better. Wouldn't that be cool?

This is my dream car... except for the "no room for kids" feature. And I don't know if I'd want a convertible or not. But I love the new Ford Thunderbirds.

We've seen these Toyota FJ Cruiser around lately. It seems pretty cool. My husband describes is as a MINI on steroids. It just seems cooler than all the SUVs out there... like it has a bit more personality with it's white roof and such.


Jo said...

The Toyota FJ cruisers are really cool, but have a small flaw. I test drove one when I was looking for my new car and they have a horrid blind spot! So, as cool as it was inside and out (it's very masculine) I had to not choose it as the huge block on the side sort of added fear to my driving instead of feeling safe. So, I have my Mazda Tribute and love it! :)

wendys said...

I really like the old jeep's too. I'm not sure what car is my dream car. We are thinking about getting a new car when we graduate and move somewhere next year. But first (this week in fact) my hubby is buying a motorcycle!

A Random Stranger said...

Are Thunderbirds even available with an automatic transmission, oh Woman Who Will Not Use a Clutch?

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