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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Movie Review: The Year of the Dog

So I'm not really one to review movies. I'm just not THAT big of a movie buff to feel that my opinion matters on any given movie. There are movies I love. Movies I like. Very rarely movies I hate. I didn't even really hate this one, I was just disappointed at the end.

I like Molly Shannon. It seems like she usually plays the best friend in the movie, oftentimes the slutty best friend. I'm not a Molly Shannon expert, but I think this is her first movie in the leading role. And it was a way different role than she usually plays. Molly Shannon was great. She's a comedian, and this wasn't necessarily a comedic role. I'm not even sure this movie should be considered a comedy, although it did warrant a few laughs.

What I was most disappointed about was how misleading it was. It's supposed to be a romantic comedy, says so in the summary on the back. Maybe I should broaden my definition of "romantic comedy," but I kind of like it where it is.

The basic storyline is that Molly Shannon is middle aged, single, and has a dog. The dog is her best friend, her companion, her everything. The dog dies. To paraphrase my take on the dvd box summary, it says she then has to find new companionship to fill that void and that her life changes. Being that earlier on in that same summary it says this movie is a romantic comedy, and all the pictures on the movie box are of Molly Shannon in dating situations, I assumed the new companion was going to be a boyfriend/husband.

(These are two of the pictures from the back cover of the dvd.)

I was wrong. She sort of looks for love. But what she ends up falling in love with is animals. She becomes Vegan, she donates money to all sorts of crazy animal charities, sponsers animals in the name of family members for Christmas presents, adopts all the dogs from the city pound that are being put to sleep that day, etc. She basically goes crazy and her love of animals takes over her life. Not really for the better. And as a total non-lover of animals (I don't hate them. I'll just never let one sleep in my bed, lick my face, etc.), I was not happy with the Molly Shannon at the end of the movie. I guess I couldn't understand her happiness.

At the end of the movie I turned to my husband and told him that I thought the movie was Hollywood propaganda trying to get us to be vegan and save all animals. And that it definitely wasn't a romantic comedy, which was why I'd gotten it in the first place. I like romantic comedies. What I can't decide is if I would have liked this movie had I not been under such a different assumption about what it was about.

Has anyone else seen this? What did you think?

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wendys said...

I haven't seen this and probably won't. So I can't give you my opinion... but I'm glad you posted something so I don't have to look at that epidural anymore! It was kind of creeping me out.

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