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Friday, November 02, 2007

Ladybug Invasion

We've been taken over my ladybugs. I caught 15 (not an exaggeration) on one window today and threw them outside. There are about 25 dead?,but still slightly wiggly ones in our lamp shade. I can only see one on the ceiling right now, but there were 12 the other night, 5 earlier today. And I can still see at least 5 or 6 on the window I cleared earlier. Last time I was upstairs there were 5 on the ceiling by the light in our hallway. This is crazy.

I finally looked it up online the other day after my kids were telling me all about the ladybugs crawling on their bedroom window, still on the outside at that point. I didn't really take them that seriously until I saw that there really were quite a few. And then they started making their way INSIDE downstairs. It turns out they are looking for a place to hibernate for the winter.

When there were only 20 or so, I figured maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Supposedly they don't do any harm. My mom would catch them every once in awhile when I was a kid and put them in our atrium because they were good for the plants. I could handle a few, I guess. But they aren't just a few and they aren't sitting still. Every once in awhile they fly. That freaks me out a bit. And more keep showing up. There's one crawling across my family's picture right now.

I called my mom because even though she's never lived anywhere cold, (only Las Vegas and California... and I guess Provo), I always call my mom with random questions. And she was helpful. Apparently my sister has ladybugs in her house one winter she was living in Oregon. That pointed me in the direction of hibernation and seeking warmth. But where were they last winter, and the one before?

The kids love it. Especially since I still haven't bought the promised fish. Which I realize I need to do soon since the other day a fly was in the house and they named it "Fly Try" and were trying to catch it in a tube to be their pet. So today, when I caught all those lady bugs in a cup and threw them out the door, Boy was a bit upset. Partially because the "lid" I was using, was his favorite train postcard he got from his Grandma and Grandpa M a few months ago. But mostly because "I really like them" he claimed. Finally he asked if we could keep the ones on the ceiling. Which I whole heartedly agreed to since I can't reach them... yet, especially as they crawl higher and higher on our vaulted ceiling.

It reminds me of my pet butterfly, Melon, that I caught in Utah one summer when I was little. I brought it home in our motorhome and released it into my parents' atrium as soon as we got home. I never saw Melon again. My daughter loves hearing that story. I guess because Mommy used to be a silly kid that did silly things too.

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