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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ladybug Count

There are currently two ladybugs on the ceiling downstairs. Two on my family picture frame. One on my chair. At least four crawling up my lamp shade (about 20 more wiggling around in there). Only one that I can see on my blinds... but it's gotten dark so I can't see their shadows crawling around like earlier. Yesterday I caught a cup of 16 on my window and threw them out the door. Today I caught two more cups, both about 18 each and threw them outside. About half an hour ago there were nine on the ceiling and a bunch climbing up the wall, lamp and bookshelf side next to the lamp. They were flying a bunch more tonight... which I really don't enjoy. At least it's not spiders, or flies, or wasps, or bees, or other obnoxious bugs. I can handle having a ladybug touch me or crawl on me. Probably the only bug I feel that way about.


Jamie said...

???? Where are they coming from? The kids probably love siing ladybugs though, right? I think mine would. Better than it being little spiders or something. So weird. It was like our last house and all the bees that were inside somehow every morning.

wendys said...

Box elder bugs are taking over my house so I know what you are talking about!

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