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Friday, November 16, 2007

I heart Louise Plummer.

One of my all time favorite authors is a woman by the name of Louise Plummer. I had her for a class at BYU... sadly not a creative writing class, but an Introduction to the English Major class. It was a wimpy class that I totally didn't need, but I'm glad I took it because I had her as a teacher. She's hilarious. I don't think I even knew she wrote young adult books until taking a Young Adult Literature class later on and my friend Jazzy chose one of Louise's books to present... or maybe Louise, I don't remember. So I read The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman and loved it. And I've read all of her others now as well. And her nonfiction, and her husband's nonfiction. I went and saw her talk about alzheimer's, I think it was a BYU radio broadcast. I've gone to her book signings. With my group of English major friends at BYU, she was a celebrity. I wish I could write like her. I wish I was her best friend.

Since I love her writing, I'm constantly awaiting a new book release from her. I just happened to check the other day, and to my surprise she had a new book being released the next day. Woo hoo. It's already been ordered for my husband to give to me for Christmas. I can't wait.

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