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Thursday, November 15, 2007

I heart candy cane ice cream

I hate candy canes.
And those red and white spiral mints you get when you leave a restaurant.

But I absolutely love candy cane ice cream. Love it! It's like Vanilla Midgees at Halloween, Cadbury Mini Eggs at Easter, or Girl Scout cookies (and the accompanying Girl Scout Cookie ice cream). It's only around for such a short amount of time that I feel like I need to buy it every time I see it and eat it all up before it's too late. Before that sad day after Christmas (or Halloween, or Easter, etc.) when I enter the store and my favorite ice cream (or candy) is no longer for sale... for a year.

My question for you: Of all these limited edition holiday ice creams, have you tried the others? Are they any good? More specifically the Pumpkin Pie ice cream. I'm intrigued, but if I'm buying ice cream this time of year, I'm buying Candy Cane ice cream. So I'm not even going to try the Pumpkin ice cream unless someone assures me that it really is quite tastey. I need one of those ladies with a little sample spoon of it offering me a try as a scoot through the ice cream aisle at my grocery store. Mmm, then I could try them all.


Jamie said...

I haven't tried any of the limited editions. Sometimes I really crave the eggnog one. For some reason that sounds good to me. I thought the egg nog creamies were pretty good. Does the peppermint one have actual peppermint crunchy pieces? Also, do you get Edy's or Dreyer's in Kansas?

Nance said...

In my experience, all peppermint ice creams have small chunks of peppermint in them. I'm not sure what kind we got as a kid... but what I've been buying here in Kansas is Blue Bunny and yes, Edy's. Edy's seems so much more fun than Dreyers. :) We also have Hellman's Mayo... but also Best Foods- it confuses me.

ZenDenizen said...

Where do you get Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream?!

Nance said...

Dreyers/Edys has Limited Edition Girl Scout Cookie ice cream... just a couple flavors (Thin Mint, Samoas...). It seems like it's the same time that the Girl Scouts are out in front of the store selling the cookies. (According to the Dryer's website, its available Sept-Dec. But I haven't seen any... all their Limited Edition ones right now are holiday related.)

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