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Friday, November 16, 2007

I hate oatmeal.

I love the idea of oatmeal. It smells yummy. It's warm on a cold morning. There are so many yummy sounding varieties now (ie: cinnamon roll, banana bread, etc.) I like oatmeal cookies. I like granola. But there is just something about oatmeal that totally grosses me out. I think it's the texture. I'm also sort of grossed out by things like tapioca pudding and rice pudding, etc. I think I'd be grossed out by cottage cheese as well if I hadn't been eating it my whole life. But I never ate oatmeal as a kid. I don't think my mom likes it. (That and brussel sprouts. I lucked out as a kid and had parents who hated brussel sprouts, so I've never actually tasted one.) And I'm pretty sure my dad didn't start eating oatmeal until recently when he started getting the healthier Irish Oatmeal (he's obsessive about eating healthy... sort of). So never having eaten oatmeal growing up, it's just so gross to imagine eating it now. It's sort of soft, but sort of bumpy. And sort of chunky. My kids love it. Even Princess Sparkley who is our pickiest eater. I really like the idea of it. I want to love it. I wonder if I should just make myself eat it and eventually I'll like it. Is that how you make yourself like something?


Cristin Lassen said...

I like it with brown sugar and butter. That is the only way. I didn't like it till a few years ago and now I love it. I don't know, you could force yourself to like it, but is it that worth it?

ZenDenizen said...

OK this is going to sound nuts but if you chop up strawberries and add a few chocolate chips, it will taste like warm chocolate covered strawberries.

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