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Monday, October 29, 2007

the sleepiest Red Sox fan

Boy has been a huge Red Sox fan this week. He calls them the Bostons. He's worn his Halloween costume from last year just about every day (except when I finally talked him into letting me wash it... which is more than my mom did for my dad who has worn the same Red Sox shirt to watch each game, wore it under his Halloween costume to their church party, and has refused to let my mom wash it... talk about superstitions.). He's slept in it, over top of his PJs every night. And when he wore it to the store the other night with B he made B wear his Red Sox shirt from the 2004 World Series... when they got out of the car he asked B why he didn't have Red Sox pants.

So when the Red Sox won the World Series tonight, Boy was fast asleep in bed. Poor kid. He's missed the end of all the games because they've been too late but each morning asks who won. At least they've been winning each night when he's gone to sleep, and each morning we've been able to tell him that they won. Which results in both kids cheering "Yea, Red Sox!" Followed by a wiggle dance by Boy.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I can't believe your dad and the wearing without washing of his shirt until they won. Ha! Cute pic. of your little guy sleeping with the clothes over his pjs.

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