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Friday, October 12, 2007

Parking for Pregos

When we first moved to Kansas the grocery store up the street from where we live had expectant mother parking right there next to the handicap parking. I had never seen this anywhere other than Babies 'R' Us. I thought that was so nice and planned to take full advantage of it when I was pregnant again. Now that I am pregnant, they are gone. I'm not really sure when it happened. I stopped noticing them and then one day they were gone. It's been awhile. So now that I'm pregnant, I'm bitter. Just a little bit. And I plan to be even more bitter when it's December and averaging 20 degrees. Usually I don't fight for an up close parking spot, especially when I am pregnant figuring it's a tiny bit more exercise crammed into my life to walk across the parking lot. But I'm not looking forward to it at 9 months pregnant, in 20 degree weather, with ice and two little kids. And when I was at the mall near my in-laws in St. Louis tonight, they had expectant mother parking and I was reminded that I've been cheated.


Jamie said...

When we lived in Kansas, MO. they had that at grocery stores. I was like 2 months pregnant and wanted to use it, but I thought of all those struggling 9 monthers. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. It should be done everywhere! I wonder if there were too many fakers, or "less needy" pregnany women parking there just like with the handicap stalls. That's sad they took that away because that was the only luxury pregnant women get unless some kind stranger decides to be kind in another way. Seriously, are there any special treatments offered to pregnant women anywhere?

Cristin Lassen said...

Yeah, I always thought it was funny to use that when I was 3 months pregnant, hop out of my car and skip away into the store. I do think it would be nice though to have signs that say, "Parking for Person with Small Children." THat would be great.

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