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Friday, October 26, 2007

More Candy Please

Yesterday I went for my monthly prenatal check-up, this time it involved a glucose tolerance test. For those of you who have never enjoyed this fun test, basically they give you a 10 oz. bottle of orange (or fruit punch) syrupy liquid to drink. An hour later they draw blood. The drink tastes exactly like orange soda to me, but non-carbonated, and way more sugary. Everyone always talks about how bad it tastes. I don't think it's that bad. It's the overdose of sugar coasting through my veins that makes me feel all jittery and unable to focus that I don't like. So I did that blood test, feeling pretty confident that I'd fail and have to take the three hour version of the test. I was borderline gestationally diabetic with my last pregnancy. Which means I shouldn't really eat all the candy and desserts that I eat. But I love candy and desserts. :(

My doctor's office called this morning to inform me that my glucose tolerance bloodwork came back normal. Hoorah! I immediately went to Target and bought our Halloween candy stash. Okay, not immediately, I went to a little Halloween Carnival at church for the little kids first, then the pharmacy to buy an iron supplement (apparently my blood test shows that my hemoglobin levels are low). THEN I went to Target and bought 8 lbs. of candy. Really, 8 lbs. I just weighed myself with it. And of course I only bought the kind of candy that I like. Because that's what you do for one. And for two, because last year we got stuck with 90% of our Halloween candy because Princess Sparkley puked as I was getting her costume on her to go trunk-or-treating and Boy didn't bring in too big of a hall with just he and daddy going to our church's trunk-or-treat, late. And no one... NO ONE came to our house. I couldn't believe it. But I was certainly glad that I always buy my favorite candies and not just the crap candy I don't want to eat.


AshbyFamily said...

The glucose test doesn't taste bad to me either...but I can definately tell when the sugar high is burning off. Enjoy your candy!

Cristin Lassen said...

The orange stuff doesn't taste bad to me either, don't know why everyone makes such a big deal about the taste!

Randall,Lindsay & The Boys said...

Congratulations!! I have always loved passing tests - including those provided by doctors:) Do you wonder how accurate they are? My mom was never diagnosed with gestational diabetes - but all of her babies were huge...w/ Jamin topping the scales at 12lbs and 24in of chubby loving. What's that all about?

Did I tell you that Jamin is expecting a baby around the same time as you and B? They're having a girl...:)

Ok - sorry for that tangent - I hope you enjoy you're candy!

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