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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's A Small World After All

So, in perusing all the blog links on my friend's blogs, I keep coming up with random connections to other people that I know. So I know the first party, and not the second or third, but the fourth. Strange. I guess the blogging/LDS community is small.

Through Cristin's blog (whose husband my husband and I grew up with) I found Jamie's blog.
I grew up with Jamie (sort of, more her older brother). I realized the other day that the last two times I've seen Jamie have been at our bridal showers. I had just moved from Provo to California when I got engaged and so I had a tiny little shower for friends and old roommates, etc. in Utah. Jamie showed up with some family friends from California (my old Beehive adviser). And when I was pregO with Princess Sparkley, my mom received an invitation to Jamie's bridal shower and I tagged along for the fun. Through Jamie's blog I found a link to Tangled and True. Browsing around on that I found a link to another crafty person's blog, Marta. I recognized her name. She is married to a good friend and former next door neighbor at BYU who fell off the face of the planet after he got married. Through her blog there were links to other people that I sort of knew, without really knowing through her husband. Including Ashley who is apparently living in Boston now. While looking at Ashley's list of favorite blogs I came across some other person I didn't know, whose blog I'd seen before, Sarah. Sarah's blog I had linked to previously from Rachel's blog, a friend we met in Kansas who has since moved back to New Mexico where she grew up. Before on Sarah's blog I'd already discovered someone else that I sort of knew, but not really. A few years ago when we were still living in Camarillo, Marcie was in our ward. I also recognized her from being an English teaching major at BYU with me. We didn't know each other then or now. But I did confirm that she was in fact a graduate in English teaching from BYU. That's the extent of our relationship. And at Thanksgiving time I make her Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe from the Relief Society cookbook from that Camarillo ward. Back to Sarah, also on her blog is a link to her photography site. On her photography site is an engagement picture of two people I knew at BYU. Actually, the husband of which was a roommate to Marta's husband before he was her husband at BYU.

Okay, back to Marta. Do you ever type in people's names into a google search or a google blog search just to see if you can track people you used to know down? I do sometimes when I'm bored. I've started trying to come up with people I know who have unusual names or names with unusual spellings. So I looked up this kid that used to live next door to me (he was actually Marta's husband's roommate) because he had a sort of unusual last name. I came across his sister or sister-in-law's blog. Then, the other day when I was reading comments on Marta's blog, this sister/sister-in-law had commented on her blog. It cracked me up that they have no idea how they are sort of connected. That's one's brother/brother-in-law used to live with the other's husband. Funny small world.

Okay, back to the beginning with Cristin. Her blog linked me to some girl named Tara the other day. Tara had posted pictures from her wedding... which I'd already seen on a photography blog. So I linked to her photographer's blog and it's someone that my friend Rachel (already mentioned) links to on her blog.

I think that's it... so far. Is it this crazy for everyone else?


Jamie said...

I'm always amazed at how small it really is. Sometimes through the blogs, but in person. It seems like wherever we go, one of us knows someone or we have some kind of connection. Especially here in Provo. I'm not a myspace fan but I've found so many old friends on there.

Cristin Lassen said...

Something else that is funny - I've noticed that your friend Wendy who posts on your blog... I used to work for her father in law in Provo.

I also discovered an old mission companion who had a link to a family that used to be in our Provo ward.

It really is crazy all the connections.

Cristin Lassen said...

ONE MORE THING... I linked to Tara's (my college roommate's) photographer's blog and she has a couple links of people I went to college with at Northern Arizona.

And I do try the google blog search on people I know when I'm bored too.

wendys said...

that is so funny! I didn't think anybody would have any random connections to me but it's nice to meet you cristin! I wish I could get my old college roommates to blog or even to keep in touch. maybe I will have to start clicking on people to see if I can find some random links!

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