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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Costumes

Boy was (I guess IS, since Halloween is technically tomorrow/today (depending on when you read this)) a UPS man for Halloween. On the left is his drawing of his Halloween costume. This is only like the third recognizable drawing he's ever done. It's very exciting for me. The scribble that he's holding on the left of his drawing is his package to deliver.

Princess Sparkley is all about Halloween costumes. She picked this out last year, we hunted down a pattern, and Grandma sewed it up for her. (Notice that she's all about posing now... I can't just take her picture, she has to do these weird poses- arms out, legs crossed, etc.)

Here's the whole family the night before Halloween night. I was supposed to be a Ladybug... well, really I was not going to wear a costume at all but Princess Sparkley wanted me to. So I was going to wear her Ladybug antenna headband and wings with a red shirt and black construction paper dots taped on. I ran out of time today to actually cut out black dots. So I wore her butterfly wings and antenna. B is wearing Boy's baby fish costume on his head.

*As you can see in the background, someone actually brought a hearse to our church's trunk or treat and handed out candy from the back.


Cristin Lassen said...

I love the UPS costume. I should have tried to do something similar with Luke. He still won't wear the giraffe, or the dog I bought him yesterday, so he's just going in an orange shirt to the ward trunk or treat tonight.

Jamie said...

Cute costumes. Love the UPS one. I wish wehad a cool ward where someone would drive a hearse to the trunk or treat. People showed up, leaned against their trunk, handed out candy for a couple minutes, then peeled out and left. oh well.

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