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Monday, October 08, 2007

Finally, someone else who will replace the toilet paper roll when it runs out

For as long as I can remember, I'm the only person I've ever lived with (other than my dad, but we never shared a bathroom) that would put on a new roll of toilet paper when the old one ran out. (In college, I was also the one who stocked up on all the toilet paper for my entire house. I'm sure I supplied 80% of the toilet paper even though at one point, I lived in a house with 9 other girls.) On occasion, I've lived with people who will put a new roll on, but only once or twice, not regularly. Mostly it's just left there. Sometimes a new roll is set there on top of the old roll. Or on the toilet's back. But I am finally living with someone who is as obsessed with replacing the toilet paper rolls as I am. My daughter! And she'll be living with me for at least 13 more years, and will only get better and better at this as she gets older. (I hope.)

Last week the toilet paper was out and I sent her downstairs to get more toilet paper from our downstairs bathroom. When she returned upstairs, she insisted on putting it on herself because she'd done it before and knew she could. (Don't you love that age of independence?) Then, the other day she came downstairs first thing after going potty in the morning and informed me that the upstairs bathroom was out of toilet paper. How great is that? Usually it is just ignored until someone (ie: me) is sitting on the toilet and needs it.

Now I just have to teach her to put it on the way I like it, with the toilet paper falling over the top, not hanging down the back and I'll be set.


wendys said...

I have a strange feeling that my sister was one of those 10 girls leaving you hanging in the bathroom during the college years...

Cristin Lassen said...

Like mother like daughter... that is exciting. Erik also replaces the toilet paper. It is a very good thing.

A Random Stranger said...

Why I don't replace the toilet paper roll: I use toilet paper for one job, and when I do, I use three squares. You use toilet paper a billion times a day to blow your nose, even though there's a sink right there, ready to catch your snot and wash it away. So you and Snotty McNasal-Drip can keep filling the empty rolls.

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