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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cutest Halloween Costumes Ever... AND ON SALE

Okay, so for Princess Sparkley's first Halloween (age 2 1/2 months) she was a sweet pea. Boy was a fish for his first Halloween (age 6 months). The Mystery Baby or Baby X as my kids have been calling Baby # 3 (depending on which kid you speak to) will be 9 months old... unfortunately too big to fit in either of those costumes). I got both of their costumes at BabyStyle. And right now, they have a lot of their costumes on sale for $14.99 and under, $2.00 flat rate shipping. I wish they made costumes for bigger too. Their sizes only go up to 3T. So if you have a kid that fits in anything 3T or smaller, go check this site out. I love it and the costumes are a really high quality.


Jamie said...

They have some awesome costumes on there! I love the peacock. Our neighbors in Somis had peacocks. Anyway, I've been looking at buycostumes.com. They've got some good sales too I think. They even have a toddler surgeon costume for like $8. I couldn't get the link that you sent for the ghost costume, but it sounds like one my sister saw that she wants "me" to make. We'll see. This is a big deal! Not really, but kind of.

Rachel said...

I just ordered the octopus. For next year. I'm such a dork.

wendys said...

How fun. Luckily this year Ian wants to be a ghost and I have a sheet just waiting to be cut up!

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