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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Book Report: Small Steps by Louis Sachar

You may remember Louis Sachar's books from your own childhood. I remember reading his Sideways stories from Wayside School series and then Holes a few years back. You've probably seen the movie starring Shia LeBeouf of Disney Channel's Even Stevens fame. I read the book aloud to my class when I taught summer school one summer in California.

Small Steps
is sort of a sequel to Holes, but not really. Holes was mainly about Stanley Yelnats, but included all the other boys sent to Camp Green Lake. Small Steps takes place a few years later and tells us what two of the characters from Holes, Armpit and X-Ray, are up to.

Basically Armpit is trying to stay out of trouble, make sure he graduates from high school, so that he never gets sent back to any sort of correctional facility/jail. X-Ray, not a bad guy, just has a questionable scheme he needs Armpits backing in.

You get to see a sensitive side to Armpit as he has befriended his ten year old neighbor girl who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and claims that she's helped him more than he's helped her.

Overall the book made me sort of nervous because everything was leading up to Armpit getting in trouble again, when he was trying so hard to not. It was written like a Young Adult novel, which it totally okay, since that is what it is. A real quick, easy read. If you haven't read Holes, read it. And follow it up with this one.

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