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Saturday, September 29, 2007

My New Shoes

These are my new shoes. I bought them NWT on ebay. I read a review about them on a shoe store website and everyone talked about how many compliments they got when wearing them. I just have to say that it's totally true. It's sort of fun to have exciting new shoes that everyone notices.

I got these shoes because with my two prior pregnancies, my babies were due in August and then April. So I just wore flip flops towards the end when I could no longer bend over to tie my shoes. This baby is due in January. Not to mention that I no longer live in California, but in Kansas. My mother just informed me the other day that the average temperature in Kansas in January is 20 degrees. Obviously flip flops aren't going to cut it. So this is my alternate. I'm not sure how warm they'll keep my feet, but definitely warmer than a sandal.


A Random Stranger said...

I saw your picture and thought, "Where is that corner of our house?" Then I realized that was probably the picture on eBay, where you bought them "NWT" (easy on the lingo, good buddy).

Nance said...

I forgot the best part. I have super narrow feet and these fit so snuggly. Mmm.

Erik said...

Funny thing, I have such wide feet that I always have to buy shoes 2 sizes bigger then I need. I hate that. Cristin has the same problem as you do with narrow feet. I also like simple classy shoes, it's the only clothing type item that I take pleasure in shopping for. For some reason your new shoes really make me think of my sister ditte.

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