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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Random Thoughts

I got hit in the head by a toy thrown by a toddler in the row behind me at church today. At least it was a soft toy.

I had three brown bananas so I made banana bread today. While most grandmas bake, mine didn't. Banana bread always reminds me of my dad's mom because it's the only thing I ever had that she cooked. She had been widowed for more than a decade by the time I was born, and had really bad arthritis in her hands. Apparently she was once a great cook. I only remember that every once in awhile, instead of a large bag of plain M&Ms (peanut for my dad), Zonkers or Fiddle Faddle, she'd bring us homemade banana bread. Yum.

My husband and I have been in the middle of a game of Chicken Foot Dominoes for most of our marriage. We had to start over last night back at double zero (not really that big of a set back from the double three or four we think we were on) because we have lost our score card. Every few years we play a couple of rounds. At this rate, we'll finish about the time our kids leave for college.

Great kids games for 3+ kids: Feed the Kitty, Wig Out, Cars UNO, Chicken Foot Dominoes, There's a Moose in the House, Cookin' Cookies, Scrambled States of America, and Leapin' Lilypads.

We played a lot of games as a family this weekend to celebrate our family's Kansas day... the kids and I arrived here in Kansas two years ago on Friday. (My husband drove a moving truck out a couple of weeks earlier towing our car).

Young Adult authors I love: Sarah Dessen, Louise Plummer, Joan Bauer, Louise Rennison, Ann Brashares, Meg Cabot (although she's getting a little more risque for teens), Lois Duncan, Joan Lowery Nixon, Sharon Creech, Stephenie Meyer, Libba Bray, Olivia Birdsall, Wendy Mass, Chris Crowe, etc.

I just bought a pair of shoes on ebay that I'm excited to get in the mail.

We went to a homeschool picnic for Princess Sparkley's school on Saturday. My husband and I concurred that the school staff was quite normal, but the other picnic attendees seemed a bit odd.

Princess Sparkley is going to be a candy corn for Halloween. Next Halloween, a mermaid. The one after that a princess. The one after that a ... I don't even remember. Then a poodle. She's got like the next five Halloweens planned. She's wanted to be a candy corn for the past two. St. Louis Grandma is working on the costume now.

Boy is undecided about his Halloween costume. He's a bit undecided on Halloween in general. (See here and here.)

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Randall,Lindsay & The Boys said...

We love Chicken Foot dominoes!! For some reason my family has always called it 'chicken-scratch' though. (I've discovered that southerners...or at least my family...has a way of 'messing' up things like that;))

Have you seen the set of dominoes that goes up to double 16 instead of the double twelves that Chicken Foot uses? It's accompanied with instructions for a game called Mexican Train - ??? I had forgotten how much I liked playing chicken foot (until we played like 500 times at Lake Tahoe with all the family), so I decided to go get a set...but I'm thinking we're going to end up with a lot of 'long-standing' games as well. Oh well - it'll still be fun, right? Maybe the mexican train game is faster...


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