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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pretty Princess Sparkley

We were at my brother-in-law's farm a couple of weekends ago and got to play with their new puppies. (Oddly, this didn't sway my kids from wanting fish. It wasn't until a pet store with kittens last weekend that they tried to tell me that when our fish (that we still haven't purchased) die, then we'll get a kitten. Hmmm.) Anyways, I thought the lighting in this picture was perfect. So here's my five year old Princess Sparkley.


wendys said...

That is a cute picture!

Jamie said...

She is so beautiful! What kind of puppies are they?

AshbyFamily said...

She is a good combo of you and brandon. Very cute.

Nance said...

The puppies are... a mix of about every dog out there. The mom looks like a black lab as do 85% of the puppies. But I'm pretty sure the mom has no black lab in her. The dad, is brown and black and has short fur. I can't remember what my brother in law told me he is. Both mom and dad are mixtures of a few different kinds of dogs.

Erik said...

I don't know how "A Random Stranger" produced such a cute daughter. It must all be from your side of the family!

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