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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Since my husband is currently watching an episode of The Simpsons when Lisa joins MENSA, it reminded me of one of my favorite card games. B's sister introduced it to us last Thanksgiving. It takes awhile to get it, but it's super fun. Someone should buy it for me for Christmas (**hint hint**).

When we were all together for B's little brother's wedding in July, his sister pulled the game out and we tried to teach it to one of the little brother's friends. We kept telling him it was really hard at first but once he got it, it be easier and he'd like it. He totally got it. Right off. So we felt dumb for not getting it at first ourselves. He was probably more MENSA material than we were.


A Random Stranger said...

Totally lame. Worst. Game. Ever. (Except for Settlers of Canaan and/or Settlers of Zarahemla.)

Nance said...

It's totally fun. You never even gave it a chance.

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