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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Memory Clicks

You know how a taste or a smell can instantly transport you back to a different place and time in your memory. It's just like click, and you are remembering something you haven't thought of forever.

I just poured myself a glass of orange juice and the first sip instantly took me back to my freshman year of college when one of the main things I lived off of was orange juice and ham and cheese sandwiches. I lived in the dorms, but the ones that were set up like apartments so six of us shared a kitchen. I had a friend that assured me that drinking orange juice kept colds away, not to mention that for the first time in my life I was aware that pulp free orange juice was available. Who could have imagined? It was like a dream come true.

Other things I lived off of that first year of college:

bean and cheese burritos (with "stolen" packets of Taco Bell mild sauce)
bowls of cereal
sparkling yogurt

It's a wonder I was healthy at all. I'm sure I rarely ate vegetables or meat.

What did you live off of the first year you were on your own?


Randall,Lindsay & The Boys said...

Remember Sakura's Japanese dumplings? And the Chicken Enchilada recipe that your brother and sister in law gave us? Those were some of my favorites. I can't remember eating a lot of just one thing - but I loved trying all the different types of foods that people would make...

wendys said...

I ate a lot of pasta-roni and potatoes my first year. My junior year I went through a cold cereal phase and would have up to 8 different boxes of cereal in my cupboard just for me.

AshbyFamily said...

Otter Pops and Rice. The rice filled me up and the otter pops were for quick sugar. Then free "Frie"days at the Burger King on University. I'd get a .99 cent whopper and free fries...that was my meat for the week. Sad...probably why a year later I had to get my gallbladder out.

Cristin Lassen said...

I lived off free samples from Costco.

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