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Friday, September 21, 2007

A Good Book

So I was sitting at the drive up bank tube drop thingy yesterday. You know, the kind they don't have in California, so I've always been super intrigued by them everywhere else I've lived. Is it a cold weather thing? Anyways, so I'm sitting there waiting for my transaction to be processed, smiling to the little camera ever so often when the bank clerk comes on the screen and mumbles something to me, when a guy walks in front of me on the sidewalk reading a book. And I manuevered around in my car trying to see what the cover of the book he was reading. I wanted to know what he was reading that was so good that he was reading it while walking down the street. I couldn't see the cover, at least not enough to read the title, and I didn't recognize it. And that was so disappointing to me since I'm in the search for a good book to read. But then I realized I was only about three blocks north of campus. Meaning that he could totally have been reading for a class, or cramming before a test and maybe it wasn't a good book at all and that's why he'd put it off until the last minute. Maybe he just had a lot of reading. I can remember a semester at BYU when I was in a Young Adult Literature class with Dr. Crowe and we had like 30+ Young Adult novels to read. I walked around campus that semester reading. Not necessarily because it was a great book (some were, some weren't), but because I had so much reading to do that I couldn't waste time like walking to class to not be reading. So I guess I'm glad I couldn't see what the cover of this walking reader's book said. Maybe it would have been a totally crap book and I would have been disappointed. I guess I'll never know.


AshbyFamily said...

OK, so my book club is reading the first of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer...Did you like it? Is it worth buying all 3 books?

Nance said...

I liked them. They are super not my typical book (vampires and all). But they were quite enjoyable. I don't own them. We're trying to save money by not buying books and therefore not needing new bookshelves, etc. But if you can find them somewhere cheap, go for it. Half.com has the first for under $6. I haven't paid attention for how cheap they've gotten at target/walmart since I'd checked the first two out from the library, I just did the same with the third instead of owning only part of a set. They are pretty enjoyable. A little cheesey at times. But really an interesting twist on the teen love story.

Randall,Lindsay & The Boys said...

Nancy - I totally agree with you on the whole news thing!!

It's funny reading your blog...as I'm going through your posts I can totally hear your inflections and humor...like we were still roommates or something!! It makes me smile...;)

Costco has the Twilight series now - they are $10 each...hardback.

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