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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Almost Famous

When I was a toddler, my mom claims we saw John Travolta at a Sav-On in Santa Barbara, CA.

Also before I can remember, we saw Ernest Borgnine at an ice cream shop in Fillmore, CA.

I won first place in the Ventura County Science Fair when I was in the 7th grade and was all over the paper (at least from a 12 year old's perspective).

My husband had a Calculus class with Tahj Mowry at Moorpark College.

When in high school, my best friend's brother played ice hockey for UCLA. We went to a lot of games. One game was following a celebrity all-star ice hockey game of sorts. As I result, I got the autographs of Matthew Perry, D.B. Sweeney, Ryan Francis, Barry Melrose, Ron Wilson, and more that I can't remember, nor can I find my autographed program. I do remember that I had to spell my name for Matthew Perry. And that I had no idea who D.B. Sweeney was, but he was very nice.

My friend Jenny, Barry Melrose, myself

Jenny again, me, Ryan Francis (then on Sisters) and Julie

While waiting in line to get into a taping of the TV show Friends I was interviewed by A Current Affair. As far as I know, it never aired.

My mom's cousin's son used to be president of the Southern Utah Reba McEntire fan club, or something of the sort.

However cool as it might have been in The Work and the Glories heyday, I am not related to Gerald Lund. But I was asked that in most of my English classes at BYU when they called roll on the first day of class, sharing his last name and all.

While trying to find a quilting store in Westlake Village, CA my mom and I saw Brian Austin Green on set for a scene being shot for Beverly Hills, 90210.

My friend Ben went to junior high school with Jared Hess of Napoleon Dynamite fame. As a result, I think I met him once while at BYU.

While dating my husband in college, he took me to a private party for Utah's governor, Orrin Hatch where we both received autographed books and copies of his cd. We also had our picture taken with him, but never got out copies.

In the movie Notting Hill there is a scene where Hugh Grant jumps up and kisses the hotel clerk. I saw that hotel clerk in a play in London.

I met the lead singer for Sixpence None The Richer at her concert in London. (Ang- did we actually meet her, or did someone else in our group tell us about meeting her? My memory is crap.)

My daughter had a drawing published in the September issue of the Friend magazine.

My mom once went on a double date where the other girl was Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island.

I once saw someone famous drive by in a car somewhere in California, but I can't for the life of be remember who it was.


Cristin Lassen said...

Wow! This is the kind of information that really impresses me.

A Random Stranger said...

Orrin Hatch is Utah's senator, not governor. But he still never gave us our picture, and when we called his office, they made it sound like no picture-taking-and-promising-of-
mailing-it-in-the-future had ever happened.
If you were with me in the car, the person we saw was Carleton from "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." No, I don't think you were there at the time.
You were with me when I almost got run over by Gene Autry's driver.

Nance said...

Okay, well... I didn't realize the pictures weren't showing up until today. And I can't figure out why. But I'll work on it.

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