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Friday, August 17, 2007

Urine Sample

I avoid going to the doctor, except when I'm pregnant. So I'm not sure how often a urine sample is required of a normal patient. When you are pregnant, you are required to give a urine sample on each visit.

I have two dilemmas. First, I always have to go to the bathroom, but never when I'm at the doctor's office and a urine sample is required of me. For instance, yesterday at the doctor's, I filled the cup about 1/20th of the way. But of course, about ten minutes later, I was about to wet my pants. I think it's the pressure.

My second dilemma. Where to put the urine sample at my current doctor's office. This is my doctor's office bathroom:

My instructions, "Just leave it in there." My doctor's office in California had a little medicine cabinet sort of thing that opened to the other room where I left the little cup and the nurse could get it in the other room. Then they moved to a new office where the bathroom was down the hallway in the office building and I had to take a key, and a brown paper bag with the urine sample cup with me, and then return the bag and filled cup to the receptionist. Sort of strange, but I knew what I needed to do.

My current doctor's office bathroom has a sink, a toilet, a trash can, and a three level basket shelf tower thing with little cleansing wipes and extra urine cups. There is no where to "just leave it in there." Not even a little table. The toilet has an extra deep back part and I end up just putting it there. Where would you put it??


Cristin Lassen said...

I would leave it on top of the toilet. Is that an option? You should complain that their system is weird.

wendys said...

I would put it on the floor in the middle of the room so they trip on it when they open the door. Then maybe they would realize that they need a small table for patients to put the cup on.

the doze said...

Make a game out of it. I would try and hide the cup behind the trashcan or toilet. I would love to see someone on their hands and knees in a bathroom, searching for a cup of urine.

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