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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Remember when everyone loved Beanie Babies (by Ty) and they became a huge collector's item? My mom owns a huge Rubbermaid box full of them. And I mean HUGE. I don't think I could lift it if I tried. Drag, maybe, but not lift.

I was never into the whole Beanie Baby craze. I was a college student, what use did I have for small stuffed animals? I'd help my mom hunt them down sometimes, and she sent me a few she thought I'd like. I have a pink flamingo and a scorpion (for my high school mascot).

What I love is another stuffed animal by Ty. Pluffies. Have you seen them?

Pluffies are my new baby gift to people. When I had my daughter I got her a pink bear Pluffies and an orange stripey kitten. My son has a puppy. It was my dream the they would become their favorite toy. The one they dragged everywhere they went, dropped in the dirt, slept with, etc. It didn't happen. My kids are both blanket kids. (Although technically my sons "blankeys" are two small burp clothes I sewed for him). They are a little bigger than a Beanie Baby, made of softer fur, and the best thing is, Pluffies are machine washable. It's like the best stuffed animal ever. And only like $6.99 at most stores.


A Random Stranger said...

Didn't you watch a CSI about Pluffies once, where there was a Pluffie convention and they were all getting it on with each other, and then one Pluffie died, and they had to interview a bunch of Pluffies, and one of them was some bald white office worker who could talk like Foxxy Cleopatra? Wasn't that about Pluffies?

Cristin Lassen said...

I always associate Beanie Babies with court window clerks. Whenever I would have to file something with the court (for work), there was always a clerk with Beanie Babies stuffed in her cubicle window seat. Beanie Babies and troll dolls.

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