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Friday, August 31, 2007


I've never wanted to be someone who overschedules. Truth be told, I'm sort of lazy. But I am excited to get to the point with my kids where they have fun stuff to do, rather than just me entertaining them all day. So I sign them up for the dance classes, tumbling classes, art classes, swim lessons, etc. Only one at a time though.

But add to that music class at the church every Friday morning. Storytime at the library every Tuesday morning (granted we haven't been in months, but we used to be regulars). Throw in a homeschooled kindergartener (so while everyone else with a kid her age that I'm friends with just had their lives get simplified, mine got much much more filled). Add on a 3 year old who has a parent co-op preschool (ie: I teach it twice a month). Toss in the fact that I've volunteered to watch a friend's one year old for a few hours one day a month. I have a busier calling at church as Primary secretary. My husband is currently without a bike so we have to wake up to drive him to school and then drive him to work in the middle of the day. I'm in charge of not one, but two book clubs, one locally, one online. I'm pregnant, thus have a doctor's appointment each month. I just signed my daughter up for dance lessons once a week as her birthday present from my parents. AND I'm crazy enough to think I should find something fun like that for my son to do as well. What have I done with my life of lying around, lazily reading all day?

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Tristi Pinkston said...

Hi there!

I'm just sort of wandering around, looking for other Blogspot users who homeschool. And found you.

So, again, hi there!

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