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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm slightly obsessed with names. I would guess it goes back to the fact that I've never liked my name.

My husband and I have all of our girls names. Strange, I know. But we've never had a hard time agreeing on girl names. As for boy names. We have one boy, and one boy name that we agreed upon. We have others that are in the running, but I'm still not sold. If my husband had his way, our next two boys would be Hyrum and Moses. Hmm. Not really my picks. So as we're approaching the point in my pregnancy where we find out if we are having a baby boy or a baby girl (or one of each as my children have predicted), it's on my mind a lot.

Today my husband forwarded me this link. You should check it out. You can see that the name Nancy peaked in the 1940s. It's an awesome graph of every name you can imagine. Enjoy!

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wendys said...

we always looked on the Social Security website to see how popular the names we liked were. I didn't want to use any names in the top 50 at least.

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