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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Addicting Foods

If you haven't yet tried these, you should. Not only do they not leave a gross orange residue on your fingers (although they do sort of leave a white powder), they are so so so dang yummy. I'm totally addicted. Plus, I can look at them, and they say "Natural" so, being the non-health food freak that I am, I can assume they are healthy for me without having to read the label which I'm sure would prove they aren't actually healthy for me at all. Right? But healthier than a regular Cheeto. And I'm totally alright with that.

*In reading more... "These white cheddar cheese puffs are made with organic corn meal and contain no hydrogenated oils, no trans fat, no preservatives, and no added color" (taken from http://www.phoood.com/weblog/archives/000053.html).

So they are healthy! Even more fabulous!


Cristin Lassen said...

Have you tried Pirate's Booty? They are like Cheetos, but health food. I think most grocery stores sell them. REALLY REALLY GOOD.

wendys said...

I like New York Cheddar & herbs Kettle chips. Really yummy and all natural.

A Random Stranger said...

I want to eat some of these now, but you're currently bogarting the bag. And I just heard you wash your hands, so how "cheese-residue-free" can they REALLY be?

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