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Monday, July 23, 2007


Jobs I've held:
1. Cat sitter extraordinaire
Probate Referee Assistant
3. High School English teacher

Places to go for a weekend getaway:
1. St. Louis, MO (grandparents readily available to watch kids)
2. a cottage/cabin on a lake with my husband, a good book, and no mosquitoes
3. I live in Kansas... I can't think of anywhere great that's close enough for a weekend

Movies I can watch over and over:
1. About A Boy
2. Ten Things I Hate About You
3. Notting Hill
4. Parent Trap (with Hayley Mills)

Guilty Pleasures:
1. Candy
2. Cookies
3. Sleep
4. Being able to shop (even for groceries) alone

Places I've lived:
1. Santa Barbara, CA
2. Somis, CA
3. Provo, UT
4. Lawrence, Kansas

What were likely the 1st things you thought of when you saw your significant other for the first time?
1. "He has a really big mole on his neck."
2. "My mom doesn't let me read books during Primary."
3. ??

Places I've been on Vacation:
1. England, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, France
2. Japan
3. Southern Utah
4. Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia

Favorite foods:
1. Potatoes (mashed, casserole, french fries, inside out potatoes, potatoe skin wedges, hash browns, potato salad)
2. Breakfast (french toast, pancakes, omelets, etc.)
3. homemade salsla and guacamole
4. thai food (not spicy though, I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy foods)

If in a "jam" with your spouse, what tactics do you use to get out of the doghouse?:
1. stop bugging him
2. make him food/dessert
3. put on something sexy

Websites I visit (ALMOST daily):
1. wikipedia
2. gmail
3. blogs
4. weather.com

Best First Kisses Landmarks:
1. my parent's driveway
2. an empty room at a full party
3. it never happened, but my friends and I picked a ton of great places in London for a kiss

Places I'd rather be right now:
1. California
2. 2015
3. England/Scotland
4. asleep

Who sent this to me:

Now I get to pick 4 other blog buddies to do this "survey":
1. Joanna
2. Wendy
3. Cristin
4. Jamie
I'd pick Angela, but she's forgotten her password. hint hint


The Desert Jungle said...

Yeah! Thanks for playing N. I enjoyed your answers. And I promise not to send you another one of those any time soon. It gets annoying, I know. I frequently roll my eyes and delete those from my email inbox.

wendys said...

It may take me a few weeks but I'll do it eventually....

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