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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Good Burrito

I'm craving a good burrito right now. I guess since it's been six months since my last trip home to California and my many many lunch excursions down to Somis Market for some of their tastey food. It's funny how my visits home revolve around what restaurants I need to eat at. Somis Market and In N Out Burger were always at the top of that list with Surf City Smoothie following close behind.

At Thanksgiving time my husband's sister's family came to visit. Her husband is from the Washington D.C. area originally and has since lived in Utah, Texas and Kansas before moving back to Virginia. While he was here he wanted to take us to dinner and really wanted Mexican food. We all thought it was pretty hilarious that he had to resort to Kansas for good Mexican food since he apparently wasn't satisfied with what he was finding in Virginia. And since my in laws moved to St. Louis from California, there are no California vacations planned for his future. So Kansas Mexican food it was.

But now, here I am craving a good burrito and the only thing that really sounds good is a Combo from Somis Market. I once flew a Bean and Cheese Burrito from LAX to SLC to a friend at BYU. Where's a friend like that when I need it? Mmmm... my mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Jamie said...

Dan and various friends have offered to bring me In-N-Out on occasion, but I just can't risk the fact that it would taste all soggy or something. Somis Market is so good. I had my first chimichanga ever there. I got in trouble in 4th grade for leaving school to go get blow pops.I haven't been to California in over 5 years now. I miss it. So I've been reading your and Brandon's blogs and have been enjoying them a lot. Found them through Cristin's as you might have guessed. How is the midwest? Jake and I lived there right after we got married and we loved it. We've been in Provo since 2000 I think? Anyway, I'm glad to be in touch with you again. Oh, and is brand X really good? We see it whenever we drive through there and I've commented that I don't know if I could eat at a place that makes me think of branded cows, but I will definitely try it if you say it's good.

A Random Stranger said...

Word on the street: Burrito King will make you poo.
I know it's not a burrito, but the chicken tacos at Salty Iguana are great. Except you have a thing about restaurant chicken.
To sum up: you should have eaten more El Tapatio while you could. And that carneceria next to the Buckhorn (I forget what it's name is).

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