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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Embarrassing Moments

Owen Wilson's Nose

We've all walked into a window, a sliding glass door or something of the sort before. But have we all done it at a wedding?

I was out of town all week for my husband's little brother's wedding. During the reception set- up/picture taking part of the event I went looking for my daughter. I ended up walking into a window wall, next to a glass door that led from the church hallway, to the little wind vestibule area, to the outer door. I walked into it. Hard. Hard enough that there was a bang, a loud bang. Luckily there was no one else in the hallway (except possibly the photographer's friend, I didn't turn around to check who had seen). And luckily I was already at the exit door, so I just exited the building and walked around outside. I couldn't, still can't, believe that my nose wasn't gushing blood everywhere. It hurt. My top lip hurt. My top teeth hurt. I kept thinking, if my top lip and teeth can hurt, does that mean that my nose was flattened enough on the window that my lip and teeth could have contact with the window?? My nose must be broken. After wiping away the initial tears of extreme pain, I made my way back into the church and to the bathroom.

There was a cut on my nose. A small one, but totally noticeable. Great. I began to wish I was one of those women that carried make-up in her purse. I'm not. I didn't even have my real purse with me. I just prayed no one would notice. I'm not a touchy feely, let's talk about it kind of person. My in-laws are. This was the first time I had seen them since we announced this pregnancy and I'd already had to deal with a billion questions about how I've been feeling and how I was currently feeling, etc. Not something I enjoy talking about. So the last thing I wanted was a whole lot of attention because I'd walked into a window.

I made my way back toward people. I tried to slyly ask my husband to look at my face to see if he noticed. He didn't really. So I had to explain to look at my nose. Then I had to explain walking into a window, but that instantly brought tears and the need to cry uncontrollably. Which I couldn't do, not there. Then my niece who is three and asks constant questions, the ones no one ever wants asked, asked, "Why is your face so red?" So I had to mime to my husband that I was okay, I just couldn't talk or I'd cry and make my way back to the bathroom.

Moments later it was time for the groom's family picture. I held my son, angled my head and hoped that when the pictures came back no one would notice my red rimmed eyes and swollen nose.

It's one of those times when you never get all the emotion out that you need to. I needed a good long cry about the pain and the embarrassment, but this was not the place. So my husband just looked at me concerned the rest of afternoon while I tried to ignore his concern so I wouldn't start crying, again. Hoping no one would notice because then they would ask, and I'd cry in front of them. And it didn't really warrant the crying or the sympathy, it was just one of those times when you need to cry.

It's been a week. I'm nearly fully recovered. I'm way past crying about it. I never got bruised or blackened eyes or cheeks. The tiny scab has fallen off. My upper lip/upper teeth stopped hurting after a day or two. My nose hurt badly for quite a few days. Now it only hurts when I actually squeeze my fingers over that part where sunglasses would rest. Thankfully, no one ever noticed, or at least no one said anything to me.


Jamie said...

I hate when stuff like that happens! It's totally embarrassing.

If you had broken your nose, and it ended up looking like Owen Wilson's, everyone would probably totally think it was HOT. Isn't his nose, part of what people think is hot?

Cristin Lassen said...

I have a hard time watching Owen Wilson movies because his nose is so distracting.

I wonder if everyone was thinking, "Don't look at her nose, don't look at her nose!" I'm sorry, that sounds PAINFUL.

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