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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Easy Meatballs

This recipe is for the meatballs my brother-in-law (who catered by wedding reception) made for the occasion. They taste great, and are SO EASY. I've been taking them to our church potlucks figuring my kids won't eat anything with the word salad in it, so there needs to be something for them to eat. Here's the recipe:


your favorite meatball recipe (if you really want to touch raw meat - I have issues)
OR better yet, a bag of frozen meatballs (without sauce)

2 bottles chili sauce (found on the ketchup aisle)

1 medium jar grape jelly

In a large pan, stir together over medium heat the two chili sauces and the jelly until the jelly is dissolved. Add meatballs. Follow the directions on your meatball bag.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

We make this recipe too, but we stick everything in a crockpot and let it cook. I won't touch meat if I can help it. I think our recipe is slightly different. I think we add lemon juice and maybe some brown sugar? and then just 1 bottle of the chili sauce. I'll have to try it this way with the 2 bottles. They are so good. My cousin called me for the recipe and said that he had bought a giant bag of Italian meatballs when I had told him homestyle. I'm wondering how that worked out. Have you done them wtih Italian? I imagine it tasting a bit off.

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