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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cinderella mops the floor

Princess Sparkley is obsessed with cleaning our floors because of Cinderella. She'll scrub while singing "sing sweet nightingale... la la la la la," just like in the movie. It's sort of nice, except she mops without wringing out her rag, like Cinderella, with a sponge or rag dripping tons of water, only we don't have a huge stone floor that soaks it up like Cinderella does. So mostly we get big puddles that then need to be mopped up again. She's in character as Cinderella and has these conversations with herself about how mean we are to make her clean the floor. It's all pretty cute.


Jamie said...

haha, that's funny. You guys are so mean to "make" her do it.

A Random Stranger said...

Last year while Nancy was out getting souced with her friends at "book club," the kids and I were cleaning up their rooms. Princess Sparkley kept doing one job and then disappearing, so I'd have to go get her again. She said angrily, "I feel like Cinderella." So at least now it's a game to her instead of proof of our meanness.

Mandalynn said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. She doesn't have one, but I still keep in contact with her. I will email her a link to your blog.

Jamie said...

Hey, I was looking into the k12 homeschool curriculum. Do you know if there is a foreign language program? I found that Alpine is the closest school district to Provo that has the homeschool program.

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