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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Brown Thumb


I wish I could say this was my garden. I wish I had a green thumb. We always had a little garden growing up and I loved eating the tomatoes and cucumbers that we had grown. I was also a cat sitter/garden tender for my neighbors growing up, and their garden put my family's garden to shame. It was remarkable because they were out of town for weeks at a time over the summer. For most of the summer! My only job was picking the vegetables so they didn't go to waste. I didn't even have to water anything, it was all set up on sprinklers. When I was even younger we'd visit my mom's aunt and uncle in Milford, UT and I can remember being amazed at not only their lucious garden, but their real-life cellar (just like in my favorite kid's book "Button Soup") full of stuff from their garden that they had canned. (Why is is called "canning" when you are really putting it in jars? Did they used to do cans?)

I had a plant all through college. Well, two plants. But the demise of Leo, my first plant my mom bought for me when she dropped me off in a dorm room, was not my own fault. I left Leo, after keeping him alive for three plus years, in the care of a roommate while I did study abroad one spring. On my return, Leo had been replaced by a similar looking, yet much smaller version of his former self. Someone finally spilled the beans that Leo had died, and the roommate in charge had replaced him.

I don't think I realized how brown my thumb actually was until I tried my hand at my own garden or even house plant, post Leo.

I always thought we should have a house plant or two after we were married. They all have died and I've given up on that. For a long time, our really large book shelf actually had a pretty blue ceramic pot with one dead curled up leaf and really dry soil on top of it because I couldn't see it up there and knew it was dead, so just let it be.

The last two years we've planted "container gardens" of a sort. I think the problem is that my containers are too small. I need to invest in some of those giant orange buckets from Home Depot.

This 4th of July we visited my husband's brother. He bought a farm (10 acres) about two years ago, built a house, and is slowly acquiring farm like stuff. My kids still aren't convinced he has a farm since there is no red barn, and until the recent addition of sheep and chickens, the only animals were two dogs. He has a green thumb. He's been growing an avocado tree, from an avocado seed, in Kansas for several years now. He showed me the tiny little pomegranate plant that he's growing, also from seed. He offered me a second tiny pomegranate plant, I turned down his offer saying that it would just die at my house. His garden before they moved to the farm, looked very similar to the one pictured at the top of this post. I want his green thumb, not my brown one.

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wendys said...

We always pretend with my son that we are making button soup!I looked up button soup on amazon.com to see if I could get a copy. But the cheapest copy was $37! Ouch. I'll have to wait for it to come back into printing.

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