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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Boys

The boys made dinner last night. On those lazy days when I can't think of what to cook, I often ask my kids (ages 4 1/2 and 3) if they want to make dinner/lunch. Usually they tell me they don't know how to cook and I try to convince them that they could totally pull of quesadillas or noodles (with a little help) and definitely peanut butter sandwiches. Yesterday I asked who wanted to make dinner and my son (3 years) said yes. He actually does really enjoy helping me cook. Then, curious as to what he would say, I asked him what he was going to make. He immediately answered "eggs." Which I should have guessed. There were a few weeks when every time I started dinner he'd come dragging a chair behind him to the counter requesting to be the one to crack the eggs (even if dinner didn't involve eggs). The funny part is, he doesn't like eggs. To eat. To crack, he loves them.

So last night Daddy took the reigns on dinner and with our little chef, they made us a Crustless Quiche. Apparently the highlight was while tearing up the ham to put in a bowl my husband's ham always landed on my son's hand so my son insisted that they needed to take turns so only one hand was over the bowl at a time. And when dinner was ready. He ate eggs. Woo hoo.

Thanks to the boys for a yummy dinner, and me not having to do anything.

1 comment:

Cristin Lassen said...

Wow - having your 3 year old make food. Brilliant!

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