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Monday, July 02, 2007


I had a new nephew born yesterday... boy number five of six in that family. And all Bible names. Michael, Benjamin, Elijah, Ruth, Joshua and Daniel.

I'm okay with Bible names. I'm not going to go out of my way to find a Bible name I love for each of my kids' first names, but it's highly likely that either their first or middle name will be scriptural in importance. So far, that's been our trend. Our daughter's first name is from the Bible. (Although that's now what she goes by.) And our son's middle name is from the Bible. I guess we just want our kids to have some aspect of their name that has meaning, that we didn't just chose it because it was a cute name.

I guess we want out kids' names to be different then everyone else's, while at the same time not being so different that no one has heard the name before because we've made it up. There are people out there who are naming their babies the most common names or the most made up names in the world. I guess we're all just doing what we want to and can. If I'd had a kid when I was ten he would have been named "Aristotle" and I would have called him Todd. My husband will never let me live that down since I told him.

Not that I'm doing any better with the whole naming thing. I just has swim lessons with my son, only to find out that another little boy in swim class had his same name. And that little boy's older sister... has my daughter's name. Ugh. Maybe we'll have to jump far away from the trend and name our next kid Zipporah or Mable or something.


Cristin Lassen said...

Names are really hard to come up with. I like Bible names because they are usually easy for people to spell and remember... usually. People still mess up Luke's name (mostly by calling him Lucas). I have a friend that just named her kid Zeke, so I guess weird names are memorable too.

A Random Stranger said...

Like this post is never going to come back and bite you in the ass.

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