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Thursday, July 12, 2007


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I can remember being a teenager and hating the looks I'd get as I shopped at certain stores in the mall. The middle-aged women eyeing me like any second I was going to stick fancy coasters in my bag, or try to steal a ceramic statue of a cow. I didn't dress crazy as a teenager. I didn't have multiple holes in my ears, nose, lip or eyebrow. I spoke proper English. I was just browsing, seeing what they had, probably shopping for my mother. I always resented that just because I was a teenager they judged me.

Yet here I am today, having my entire mood dampened because I live in one of three connected townhomes that went from three families, to two empty townhomes and us, to one townhome filled with six 18 year old boys recently graduated from high school, us and the other one was just shown to another group of teenage boys. And I don't want them here. A judgement based purely on their age (and their sex, I guess).

I don't want their loud music. I don't want their late nights. I don't want their smoking and drinking and partying. I don't want their friends coming and going at all hours. I don't want to hear the loud base of their car stereos. I don't want their yelling and joking and loud laughing all night long.

But is it fair to assume that because they are 18-20 year old boys, all of the above will apply to them? Maybe they'll all be engineering nerds who study calculus all day and go to bed at 8. Maybe they'll be banging on our wall when our kids are still talking to each other after 9.

Nah, I don't think so. They moved in beer posters and giant cut outs of beer ads. They all have long hair and dress sloppy or in way too trendy a fashion to be nerds who only listen to classical music set to volume level 2.

I think I'm going to bake them cookies this weekend. So that even if we do bang on the wall every night, they'll at least know that we are sort of nice people and that maybe if they are nice to us, I'll bake for them more. Isn't that how to win teenage boys over?? There I go judging again. 

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Cristin Lassen said...

Or you could call the cops on them for underage drinking... that would definitely win them over for sure!

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