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Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July Fireworks

My husband has this brilliant idea a couple months back. We should go to a Kansas City Royals baseball game on the 4th of July to see a great fireworks show. We've done this a few times before. One of our first dates (although I'm not sure it really counts as a date since he actually had another date and asked me to join the group after the fact) was to a California Angels (back before they were the California Angels of Anaheim- or whatever they are now) baseball game on July 5th, 1995. I'm pretty sure I've been to other baseball games on or around the 4th as well.

So I went to MLB.com and bought tickets. We left my brother-in-law's house right after dinner, missing the fireworks show he'd just purchased across the border into Missouri where firework stands and adult stores reign like corn fields do in Kansas, braved a severe thunderstorm warning, and made our way to the ballpark.

It was perfect. The rain had stopped. The temperature at the start of the game was 71 degrees. The sun wasn't beating down on us. We found our seats... they were wet from the torentual downpour we'd been through earlier but the nice people behind us let us use their napkins to dry our seats. We showed up a little late, after the Seattle Mariners had already scored four runs. The only four runs of the entire game. I had to stand in line for 30 minutes to buy two bottles of water (for $4.25 each, 20 oz. of water).

But we were still happy. Our kids genuinely enjoy baseball games. Boy got really into it for awhile, after he's gotten over the nervous excitement of being there. Princess Sparkley got the whole run down of the game of baseball from her dad, asking him every question under the sun.

The game ends, no one leaves their seats. They turn off the stadium lights. The fireworks are about to begin. The announcer starts the intro to the firework show three different times. Each time followed by no fireworks, or a few fireworks followed by a very very long pause. Eventually the announcement is made that the firework equipment is too wet from the rain and the show cannont go on. Boos fill the stadium. But... they will count our tickets as rain check tickets, so for free (plus the bundle we had to pay to park and get food) we get to come back for another game. Maybe the Royals will actually win. They better have some firworks.

We left our seats, used the bathrooms and exited the parking lot. Outside is a fireworks display in the parking lot. It seems as though everyone who had fireworks in their cars was setting them off. It was pretty cool. Thanks to all those people who made sure we saw some fireworks on the 4th of July.

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A Random Stranger said...

The funniest part of it for me was that they played the count-down recording twice. "All right, Royals fans, let's count down from five!"

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