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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

12 weird things i like to eat

cantaloupe and cottage cheese (it was my grandma lund's favorite)

apples and peanut butter or carrots and peanut butter

doritos inside a ham and cheese sandwich

a block of cream cheese with salsa poured on top and corn chips

breaded and fried eggplant with lemon juice, lawry salt and ketchup (my mom's favorite)

cottage cheese with lawry salt sprinkled on top

ketchup on scrambled eggs

vinegar on broccoli (everyone in my family does it)

cucumbers with lemon juice, salt and pepper

cucumbers with vinegar, salt and pepper (also garden fresh tomatoes with salt and pepper)

squished avocados with lemon, salt and pepper

vanilla milk shakes with orange juice blended in (essentially a yummy orange creamsicle milkshake, but when i order this at restaurants, people look at me like i'm crazy)


Jen said...

what a fun idea for a post! so I use a D80 and love my 50mm lens, and 60 mm lens with a passion. =) Hope that helps! If your'e looking to spend less, the D40 and D50 are great as well!

Jamie said...

It's still shocking to me after living in Somis to have to spend so much $ for just 1 avocado at a grocery store. In the mornings, my mom would have us pick an avocado and we would smoosh it on toast and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. I miss that. So I'm curious about the doritos inside the sandwich. That sounds good. So does the salsa on the cream cheese. I don't know if I could eat vinegar on broccoli? and I don't know if I could do lawry salt on cottage cheese?! Those are interesting. I like seeing what you like. I'm curious now to know the weird things that people eat now. Maybe that should be the next blogging "assignment".

Nance said...

I had a friend when I was little who ate toast with mayo on it and sugar sprinkled on top. Doesn't that sound gross?? My mom eats toast with mushed up avocados. I'm sure I have at some point. And yes, I can't bring myself to buy an avocado here. They are always too expensive, and they are usually Chilean which upsets my dad. So if they are on sale and from California I'll buy them to help support him. :)

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