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Friday, July 13, 2007

100 things about me

001 i bite my nails
002 i had a pet hamster named harold fuzzball when i was little
003 i once had each of my ears pierced three times
004 i met my husband when i was 6
005 i can't swim
006 i want to be a librarian
007 i love black and white pictures
008 when i was little, i had avocado bins as my forts
009 i want to take my husband to england
010 i love sheep. especially white ones with black faces
011 i want to own a pumpkin patch
012 i love making lists
013 i've started hundreds of stories in my head
014 i love spiral notebooks
015 peanut butter m&ms are my favorite
016 i have hazel eyes
017 my husband has picked out names for 7 kids
018 at one point of my childhood we had 4 adult cats and 17 kittens
019 i read a lot and i read fast
020 i planned my own baby shower (because i wanted to)
021 my husband is my best friend
022 i love orange creamsicles
023 i've always hated that i have freckles
024 i'm a night owl. have never been a morning person
025 i check my email dozens of times a day
026 i used to hate that my eyes aren't blue.
027 i hated baby-sitting as a teenager
028 i don't really like apple pie. is that un-American of me?
029 I wish i could quilt
030 i love giving gifts
031 i love wrapping gifts
032 i can't sing
033 i'm missing two teeth. they just never came in. it's hereditary and my daughter is the same way.
034 i hate mustard, can't even kiss my husband after he's eaten some
035 i once “stole” a neighbor's cat, had it fixed, and gave it's kittens to a pet shop (it had adopted our home)
036 i've never had a pedicure. I don't like people touching my feet.
037 i sleep with my feet hanging over the edge of the bed.
038 i dream of having a huge kitchen
039 i was a pampered chef consultant long enough to get a lot of cool stuff
040 my brother and sister are both adopted. I am not.
041 i had a binky until i was almost 5.
042 i really hate the show “dora the explorer”
043 i'm a little bit of a control freak
044 i'm often indecisive
045 i've never liked my name
046 i grew up on an avocado orchard
047 i've wanted to write books since i was a kid
048 i like asparagus
049 i hate mushrooms, sauerkraut, purple onions, peas and almonds
050 i really really like peanut butter and chocolate together
051 i had the chicken pox when i was three
052 i know all the disney princess songs
053 i wish i could arrange flowers
054 i'm a good speller
055 i own a pink sleeping bag
056 i love that i can ask my husband a random question, and he knows the answer
057 i wish i could take gorgeous photographs
058 i love the kids show “charlie and lola”
059 i'm a fan of the boston red sox
060 i've recently acquired a taste for pecans and am obsessed with nestle turtles
061 i watched the entire show Alias on dvd checked out from the library
062 i loved pets as a kid, but not so much anymore.
063 i've been to a live taping of the tv show “friends” (and “home improvement” and “coach”)
064 i hate going to the doctor
065 i wish i was as good of a journal writer as i used to be
066 i get my hair cut very infrequently (like once or twice a year)
067 i've been in charge on three book clubs
068 i like the idea of camping
069 bugs love to bite me (fleas, mosquitoes, spiders)
070 i miss being a student
071 my husband still cracks me up
072 i can't watch when i get blood drawn
073 all of my best girl friends live in different states and are bad emailers (hint hint)
074 i was slightly obsessed with *nsync (and way too old to have been)
075 i should be fluent in spanish
076 i had pet chickens as a kid
077 i wish i was good at sewing
078 i love young adult books
079 i've eaten at mcdonald's in england, spain, france and possibly switzerland
080 i love that my husband still makes me get butterflies
081 i hate that i'm so out of the loop of new music
082 i currently have library cards for 6 towns (camarillo, oxnard, provo, orem, lawrence and topeka)
083 i love hugh grant movies
084 i love victorian houses
085 i wish i could play a musical instrument
086 i love baking desserts for people
087 i love that i live where there are lightening bugs
088 i spend way too much time on the computer
089 i like cookbooks with pictures
090 i pick books to read by their covers
091 i want a library in my house someday
092 i don't mind speaking in front of large crowds
093 i wish i was cooler
094 i've had the same watch for at least 8 years.
095 i almost picked a sapphire wedding ring
096 i love muenster cheese
097 i like to write with mechanical pencils
098 i hate brushing my teeth
099 i'm pregnant
100 i know the names of lots of different tractors and train cars


Jamie said...

I liked reading your 100 things. You stole your neighbor's cat, had it fixed, AND gave its kittens to the pet shop?! What kind of person does that??! :) Seriously, I think we may have a lot in common. That was fun to read. I did this on another blog I had. I think I could only go up to 50, but I was too embarrassed to publish it for some reason. Maybe I will now.

AshbyFamily said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! Welcome to the club....they say the third one is the hardest. Let's prove them wrong. I make up recipes just to have Peanut Butter and Chocolate together.


Jamie said...

Oh, and congratulations on the baby. What do the kids think?

Cristin Lassen said...

Congrats on being pregnant by the way. I read it on Brandon's blog last week. When are you due any way?

Nance said...

January 22, 2008

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris said...

Wait, what? Pregnant?! Doll, that is crazy! Congrats. If you need any parenting tips I have learned lots of them from having Claudia (the Great Dane puppy) and I think they all apply to human children. 1. I have learned that the spray bottle is great for behaviors you want to stop. 2. A good collar is priceless. 3. Make them work for treats. Sit & Stay is very practical. 4. Don't spank them when they pee on the floor. 5. Well, you get the idea.

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