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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wild Turtles

I always wanted a pet turtle as a kid. My parents almost got me one once. So I think one of my favorite things about Kansas, that always sort of surprises me, is wild turtles. It's sort of like thinking about how chihuahuas were once a wild dog. Or that somewhere, a watermelon used to grow in the wild. They just don't seem like "wild" things. But the other day on the home from the grocery store with Boy, there was a turtle crossing our street. I raced home and got my husband and Princess Sparkley and we went back, dropped the husband off to pick up the turtle and save it from a car, as well as carry it over to where I parked the car at the next cross street so we could all see it. So fun that wild turtles cross our street. This is the second one my husband has had to save as it tried to cross from one side of the street, where there is a small creek, to the other side, where there are homes and grass and only the occasional trickle of water.

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Chris said...

I'll tell you what is not so cute. Wild Snapping Turtles. In upstate New York, where I grew up, we would occasionally run across Snapping Turtles. They were HUGE! And MEAN! My father said they could bite through your finger. And they would hiss and chase you...although they were still turtles, so they didn't chase very fast...

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