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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Potty Parade

I couple of weeks ago at church they announced that there was a need from a family for some diapers for a three year old boy. My first thought was, what three year old boy still wears diapers. I quickly realized... mine.

We're working on potty training/toilet learning our son. He's not interested. Not at all. I can only get him to sit on the potty, while watching a movie, and eating a bowl of marshmallows, or some sort of other, not so healthy snack. I bought stickers as rewards. I give him a nickel just for sitting on the potty of a considerable amount of time. We finally had him pick from the Thomas the Tank Engine catalog a toy he'd like to get if he pooped in the potty. I bought it on ebay so it would be cheap and it arrived in the mail about three weeks ago. It was still unopened until Monday.

I ran to the store, alone, and my husband convinced Boy to sit on the potty while they had ice cream for dessert after dinner. While sitting, he peed. It was a huge event. My husband and Princess Sparkley congratulated him. They saved the pee to show me. I got a phone call on my way home wondering approximately where I was and when I'd be home. When I pulled onto our street I could see them at the edge of our driveway waving and marching with band instruments. With Boy in the front they marched to the car after I'd stopped, and Boy led us into the house, marching to his little potty to show me that he'd peed. He was so proud. It was adorable. My husband did a great job making it into such a huge, special event. Hopefully Boy will be inspired.

We decided that since he'd shown so little interest in the potty, and that pooping was still a bit off, that he could open one part of the special present he'd picked out and we'd ordered. So he opened one present, and we've retaped up the box.

That was Monday. Tuesday, he sat on the potty for only about two minutes. Wednesday, for quite awhile, but with nothing coming out. Today, I took his PJs off to put in the wash, leaving him in only a diaper to which he responded, maybe pee pees need to come out. So here we are, watching a movie, eating Chex Chocolate Turtle Party Mix (have you tried this??? So yummy!) and waiting for something to happen.

Still waiting...




Cristin Lassen said...

Wow... eating a bowl of marshmallows on the toilet. That's a new one. You should try letting him play musical instruments on the toilet. I left the harmonica on the toilet on purpose the other day. I knew Erik fell for my trap when I heard him in there playing up a storm. Maybe it will encourage Boy as well.

The Desert Jungle said...

This is one of the best posts I've ever read. It helps that I can picture it all in my mind. I love it, and I'm cracking up!

Ever thought of just letting him run naked all day? Or would he just go all over the place? Just a thought. Mostly because, deep down, I'd kill to have one whole day to just be naked.

wendys said...

We did the straight to underwear method with our boy. I spent a week cleaning up pee and poo but at the end of the week, he was fully potty trained even at night! It was worth it.

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