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Monday, May 07, 2007

Forcing Recipes

When I was in college I had these good friends who had grown up together in Salt Lake City. We were good friends and were invited to family functions (ie: missionary homecomings, wedding receptions, etc.). Their good friend always brought the yummiest chocolate mint fudge like brownies. I desperately wanted this recipe and asked our mutual friend if he could get it from her for me. I was informed that she did not give out recipes.

It has been close to eight years since I have tasted these delicious desserts. I have make probably ten different types of chocolate mint brownies or chocolate mint fudge. Some are good, but they are not the same. I'm not even sure if they are as good as I remember them being now, or if maybe one of these recipes I've tried could have been it and I just don't remember it correctly anymore.

It is because of this that I offer my recipes so much that sometimes I feel like maybe I'm forcing them on people a little bit. Especially with the advent of email. (Not that a whole lot of my adult life (ie: none) happened before email). If someone compliments me on something I've made I'll either say, “I'll email it to you,” or I'll just email it as a surprise. If it's an easy recipe, or one that I make a lot with few ingredients, I'll recite it to them on the spot. Do people appreciate this? I have no idea. I'm starting to think that I'm taking people's politeness too literally. Maybe I'll start posting the recipes I want to share with the world on my blog. Then you can pick and chose.

1 comment:

Erik said...

I love it when people post recipes. Jamie Goodrich (now Styer) posts them all the time on her blog and I even try them from time to time.

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