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Monday, May 07, 2007

Blogger Buddies

So I got suckered into a blog on accident trying to comment on my best friend's blog. Found out a group of us from college all have blogs and we all had fun with it for awhile. Now it's down to two of us who have posted anything recently. And we're slackers ourselves (at least I am most definitely). I still have my husband and a few others, but now I need a new group of Blogger Buddies. Hello out there...


the doze said...

Is it down to two of us now? Or had you already counted me out? I was away for awhile, but my "blog thought" state-of-mind has returned.

Nance said...

Yep... just the two of us. But Chris is back. Hip Hip Hooray.

The Desert Jungle said...

Yo Nance,
I'll be your blogger buddy! But is it cool that we actually know each other in real life? 'Cause lots of people have "blogger buddies" whom they've never actually met before. Yeah, I think it's cool.

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